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Spring 2018 Phy2400

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First Report Thur 18 Jan Spit wad Lab[edit]

I am inserting this b/c you and 24 seem to be working so well together.

First report Thu 18 January 2018 spitwad[edit]

In the physics lab, a basketball is pushed at a constant force as it passes evenly spaced out markings. Students will be working together doing different jobs such as ball pusher, timer, and spitwaders. As the ball is being pushed, the timer will yell out as every second passes and spitwads will be fired at the current position of the ball. After six seconds of this being repeated, students will then take a meter stick and measure the distance from the start to the origin of the grouped spitballs. With all the positions of the ball marked times

  • Student claims to have made an excel sheet like this:--Guy vandegrift (talk) 21:20, 18 January 2018 (UTC)
interval t (sec) v(ft/s) ft in
0 0 0
'0-1 0.5 2.083333333 2 1
'1-2 1.5 6.666666667 6 8
'2-3 2.5 9.416666667 9 5
'3-4 3.5 8.166666667 8 2
'4-5 4.5 14.58333333 14 7
'5-6 5.5 10.41666667 10 5

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